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Bank lending as an instrument for ensuring investment and innovation development of business structures in the agrarian sphere

Author(s) Vlasyuk S.A., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Tsymbaliuk Y.A., Candidate of Economics Sciences, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Ролінський О. В., , ,
Kolotukha S.M., Candidate of Economics, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Переполка В. Ю., , ,
Category Economics
year 2023 issue Issue number 102. Part 2
pages 156-167 index UDK 336.77
DOI 10.32782/2415-8240-2023-102-2-156-167 (Link)
Abstract The current level of agricultural activities financial support in Ukraine can be characterized as insufficient, because of the high cost of financial and credit resources and the lack of an effective risk management system in financial institutions under martial law. The research’s purpose is a comprehensive substantiation of the theoretical and practical aspects of bank lending of the agrarian sector in the conditions of martial law and the determination of effective ways of its improvement for the prospective. General scientific and special research methods were used to reveal the research issues: induction and deduction; abstractions; analysis and synthesis. The methods of situational modeling, graphic, comparison were applied. The problems of the development of bank crediting of business structures in the agrarian sphere are outlined. It is indicated that weak competition and economic instability prevent both innovations introduction and increase the level of lending in the agricultural sector. It found that economic growth is largely based on industrialization, as agriculture often lacks profitable investment opportunities. It was revealed that the modern system of lending to the agricultural sector in Ukraine is characterized by a combination of market and preferential lending mechanisms. Bank crediting of the agrarian sector requires institutions and mechanisms capable of mobilizing financial savings, which will contribute to the stability of financial brokerage in rural areas and provide the rural population with the necessary financial services. Currently, farmers lack individual credit products, although certain flexible repayment methods are offered mainly to large farms. The lack of experience of financial institutions in agricultural financing, high interest rates and high collateral requirements create difficulties in accessing financing. Considering the world experience of investment and innovation crediting process of the agrarian sphere, the Ukrainian banking system was suggested to implement ecological and economic initiatives, in particular the experience of France and Poland. Stimulation of investment lending in the agrarian sphere will have a positive effect on the development of the industry as a whole, and will also contribute to the improvement of the existing economic state of rural areas residents
Key words bank, credit, borrower, creditor, agricultural sector, bank lending, loan portfolio, investment, innovative development, state support
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