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Symbolism of the Istanbul Park in Odessa. East and West

Author(s) Кадуріна А. О., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2023 issue Issue number 102. Part 1
pages 116-126 index UDK 721.03
DOI 10.32782/2415-8240-2023-102-1-116-126 (Link)
Abstract Purpose. The study is devoted to the analysis of the Istanbul Park symbolism in Odessa. Methodology. The historical method, methods of natural and bibliographic research, methods of analogy, synthesis and analysis are applied in scientific research. Results. Istanbul Park in Odesa was founded in 2013, and opened in May 2017 in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the twinning of Odesa and Istanbul. It is located on the slopes of Primorsky boulevard on the territory from the City Duma to the Potemkin Stairs, on the territory of the former Lunar Park (in the past Pioneer Park, Sailor Park). Each element of Istanbul Park carries a rather rich symbolic load. A drinking fountain with a crescent moon is a symbol of femininity. And the symbols in the drawings of paths and playgrounds are represented by chess motifs (dualism of the world), rhombuses and rectangles (abundance and prosperity) and the "fish scale" ornament (happiness, prosperity, wealth). The pattern with red tulips in the parterre is a symbol of love and high status. The flower beds on the parterres depict the Turkish talisman Nazar, which carries the idea of protection. The main idea underlying the Istanbul Park is reflected in the symbolic sculpture. It represents the union of East and West, the union of different cultures and peoples. Scientific novelty. For the first time, at a detailed level, a study of the symbolism of all elements of the Istanbul Park in Odessa was carried out. The symbolism of paving patterns, small forms, as well as landscaping of the territory has been studied. Practical significance. Possibility to properly care for park can be only with knowledge and understanding of the idea of the park, as well as the symbolism of all elements of the park. This is especially true for the landscaping of the territory, the arrangement of flower parterres and flower beds. After changing the color range of flower beds, gardeners can destroy a whole layer of symbolism, which was laid as the basis for the authors of the project. But with a competent approach to the care of flower arrangements, taking into account the symbolism of color, it is possible to preserve the original information code of the park.
Key words Istanbul Park, Odessa, history, symbolism, XIX-XX centuries, coloring of the garden
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