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Instruments of planning of working time of manager

Author(s) Гоменюк М. О., , ,
Category Economics
year 2022 issue Issue number 100. Part 2
pages 412-420 index UDK 331.103
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2022-100-2-412-420 (Link)
Abstract In modern business conditions there is an irrational use of working time due to real planning of work time, motivation and control, or low level of self-organization, bad habits, burnout, reduced quality of work, excessive sociability and distraction from social networks, messengers, etc. Relevance of the manager's working time planning is improved by the classic challenges and modernization of work with increasing role of remote work. The aim of the article – to justify the prospects for the use of tools for planning manager’s working time. The basic principles of management theory and the achievements of scientific schools of management are the basis for the study of manager’s working time planning. The research used the abstract-logical method, the method of analysis and synthesis, tabular and graphical methods. The organizational and economic mechanism of planning working hours of the manager is substantiated like such elements as the purpose and tasks, subjects and objects, normative-legal regulation, tools, etc.. The purpose of planning the working hours of the manager is to ensure the effectiveness of individual work of the manager, his personal development in conditions of instability of the external and internal environment in making business decisions. Methodical support for managerial time planning is based on a combination of the following methods and tools: Pareto Analysis, Pomodoro, Eisenhower’s Matrix, Parkinson’s Law, Time Blocking Method, Gettings Things Do, SMART. Time and scheduling software includes a large number of computer software and mobile applications for scheduling and performing additional management functions, the main characteristics of which are identified in the study. Ensuring the effectiveness of individual work of the manager is possible in terms of creating an integrated system of working time plans, which requires the use of effective tools and methods of working time planning.
Key words management, working time, working time planning, planning tools, time management, SMART-planning
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