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Financial-economic and psychological-behavioral accents of foreign experience of reconstruction of the country after the war

Author(s) Худолій Л. М., , ,
Танклевська Н. С., , ,
Barabash L.V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2022 issue Issue number 100. Part 2
pages 329-339 index UDK 330.35(4/9)«19/20»:336:330.16
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2022-100-2-329-339 (Link)
Abstract Rebuilding the state in the postwar period is a kind of second chance to start all over again, but taking into account past mistakes. The financial and economic revival after the Second World War was especially active. A number of countries in different regions have shown high rates of economic growth that have lasted for a long time. Ukraine is currently at war with a neighboring aggressor country. The rather difficult state of the economy on the eve of the invasion is complicated by the total destruction of both critical and social infrastructure and the destruction of housing. Currently, more than 30% of the country's economy does not work at all, some are only partially functioning. As a result, more and more acute questions arise: now - the functioning of the financial and economic environment in wartime, and in the long run - reconstruction and priority areas for further development. Therefore, the aim of this research was to study the foreign experience of rebuilding countries in the postwar period on the example of creating an "economic miracle" in different countries – both aggressors and those to whom it was directed. The study described the pre-war state of countries such as Germany, Japan and South Korea, as well as their lessons in creating an "economic miracle." The study of the German Economic Miracle proved the effectiveness of a harmonious combination of a market economy with an emphasis on a high level of competitiveness, stimulating entrepreneurial initiatives and the predominance of social development for the advancement of national interests in the world market. The «Japanese economic miracle» gave an understanding of the importance of the economic idea of glorifying the nation through the use of technical and technological renewal of production, demonopolization of the market and the formation of paternalistic traditions of business and life of the nation. The most interesting thing in terms of similarities with Ukraine is the experience of South Korea. The «Miracle on the Khan River», created in three stages, was based on the predominance of national production over imports, export-oriented industrialization of production and balanced development aimed at eliminating economic imbalances. Special attention was paid to the active use in all three cases of psychological and behavioral factors, in particular the national characteristics of the mentality of each nation.
Key words economic miracle, industrialization, psychological and behavioral factors, social market economy, miracle on the Khan River, import substitution, social orientation
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