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Indicators of pear tree growth at re-culture depending on optimized fertlization

Author(s) Яковенко Р. В., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2022 issue Issue 100. Part 1
pages 41-50 index UDK 634.13: 631.8
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2022-100-1-41-50 (Link)
Abstract To produce good quality pears, all the elements of the intensive cultivation technologies have to be strictly followed, one of important priorities being rational fertilization. In the conditions of mono-culture of fruit plantations as well as re-culture on the area of the uprooted orchard, it is of great significance to maintain the main soil properties with help of optimized fertilization, which later will have an effect on the growth and yield capacity of the trees. The research results of the effect of the optimized fertilization on the growth indicators of pear trees, cultivars Conferentsiia and Osnovianska, on clone rootstock (quince A) at re-culture on dark-grey opodzolic soil in the Right-bank Forest steppe zone were considered. The research was carried out in the pear tree orchard of Uman NUH; the trial was aimed at studying the productivity of pear trees, grown on such optimized backgrounds, when fertilizer rates were calculate for apple trees, as compared with those suggested for pear trees in zonal recommendations (production control) and with the treatments with the fertilizer application added to the optimized background. It has been found out that in the period of pear tree fruiting and growth, cultivar Conferentsiia, the increase of a trunk diameter was significantly smaller (by 43.1 %) as compared with cultivar Osnovianska. The additional application of nitrogen and potassium fertilizers on the background of the optimized fertilization did not facilitate the increase of a trunk diameter of the studied pear trees very much. The shoot increase of cultivars Conferentsiia and Osnovianska was quite intensive, in particular in the period of growth and fruiting. In the period of fruiting and growth the shoot increase was lower due to the formation of regenerative buds and high yield capacity. The longest shoots in the trees of both cultivars were recorded in the treatment N90P60K90 (production control) which exceeded absolute control (without fertilizers) by 10 % for cultivar Conferentsiia and by 27 % for Osnovianska. Fertilization helps enhance the efficient use of the nutrition area, particularly in the treatments N90Р60К90, Background + N30 and Background + N30К30.
Key words Conferentsiia, Osnovianska, re-culture, optimized fertilization, tree growth, shoot increase, parameters of a tree crow
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