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Algorithm for developing and implementing enterprise strategy

Author(s) Бленда Н. О., , ,
Чернега І. І., , ,
Category Economics
year 2021 issue
pages 302-309 index UDK 005.3:658.5
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2021-99-2-302-309 (Link)
Abstract The article examines the theoretical and methodological foundations and existing approaches to the process of developing an enterprise development strategy. It is established that the procedure of development and implementation of development strategy is a debatable issue among scientists, who determine different methodological approaches to the main stages of strategy development and implementation, components of this process, the relationship and interdependence between them. Based on the research, we propose to identify three stages of the strategy development process, combining 8 phases. The first stage - preparatory or analytical, includes a step-by-step comprehensive strategic analysis of the external and internal environment. The second stage defines the process of strategy development, which includes 4 phases: formulation of the mission; substantiation of strategic goals and determination of strategic gap; development of alternative strategies taking into account the limitations and possible risks, identification of promising and priority areas of development; choice of development strategy. The third stage - the realization of the strategy combines the stages of implementation of the strategy, its evaluation, and adjustment in accordance with unforeseen changes in the external environment. The defined stages of strategy development characterize the current state of the object, the forecasted goals of its development, and actions to achieve them. An important stage in developing a strategy is analytical. It determines the internal state of the system and its necessary changes, in accordance with the projected changes in the external environment, to achieve certain strategic goals. In general, the strategic development of the enterprise is a continuous process of formation and implementation of management decisions aimed at ensuring the strategic dynamism and effective operation in conditions of increased complexity and unpredictability of the business environment.
Key words enterprise strategy, development algorithm, stages and phases
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