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Productivity of heterotic of sugar corn hybrids with FAO 280–290 of Right-Bank Forest-Steppe

Author(s) Makarchuk M.O., , , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2021 issue Issue number 99. Part 1
pages 223-230 index UDK 631.55:[631.526.3:633.15]
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2021-99-1-223-230 (Link)
Abstract Change in climatic conditions are is reality the reality of our days. She is accompanied by an increase in air temperature and changes in precipitation. However, in such conditions it is necessary to have sweet corn hybrids that will provide high yields. The spread of sweet corn hybrids is due to the use of its freshly cooked products in the summer. However, the demand for products is constantly increasing for both frozen and canned corn. Therefore, the main guarantee of obtaining a future harvest is the correct choice of a hybrid for cultivation, taking into account soil and сlimatiс conditions. The tests were conducted in the experimental field of Uman NUH in the conditions of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe in 2021. New maize hybrids (obtained from maternal lines with different mutant genes) were used as test material. Number of studied hybrids – 4. Hybrid Spokusa was used as a standard. During the entire growing season, they were examined for the duration of the growing season and a number of morphological characteristics such as plant height and attachment height of the productive ear. The above listed signs are precisely the genetic feature of the hybrids and their response to changes in air temperature and precipitation. Our research made it possible to isolate a hybrid of corn 1290 (subject to the presence of su1se1 genes in the hybrid genotype), which is attributed to the middle-early ripeness group, and is also characterized by an average plant height of 220 cm and an average ear attachment height permissible for mechanized harvesting – 60 cm. seed productivity at the level of 4.9 t/ha and is characterized by high resistance to damage by corn motile.
Key words sweet corn, economically valuable features, hybred, yield, mutant gene
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