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Biomorphological features of floribunda roses leaves and their importance for ornamental gardening

Author(s) Бровді А. А., , ,
Поліщук В. В., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2021 issue Issue number 99. Part 1
pages 117-124 index UDK 582.711.712:631.51(477.46)
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2021-99-1-117-124 (Link)
Abstract The results of morphometric analysis of the leaves in floribunda roses varieties, such as Pomponella, Lovely Green, Carmagnola, Arthur Bell, Lilli Marleen, Westpoint, Minerva, Novalis, Goldelse, Rotkappchen, Friesia, Lavaglut, Iceberg, Santa Monika, Mathias, Bella Rosa, Cream Abundance, Hans Gonewein, Let's Celebrate and Gebruder Grimm, which have different origins and differ significantly in morphological and decorative characteristics are presented. The studies were conducted during 2018–2021 on the experimental plots of the Department of Landscape Gardening of Uman National University of Horticulture according to the generally accepted method. The description of the morphological traits of the varieties was carried out by the method of visual assessment using measurements and calculations. As a result of the research, it was found that the studied genotypes significantly differ in the biometric parameters of the compound leaf, features of the surface of leaf blades, their shape and size. The highest leaf blades areas were noted in the varieties Novalis 15.1 сm2, Rotkappchen 12.0 cm2 and Pomponella 11.8 cm2. The lowest biometric traits of the leaf were recorded in the varieties Santa Monika, whose compound leaf length is 9.2 cm, Mathias 9.1 cm, Bella Rosa 10.8 cm and Cream Abundance 9.8 cm. The size of the leaf, its shape, color and gloss, are important for the overall impression of the planting object and determine the decorative value of the respective variety. Of all the varieties, Westpoint, Rotkappchen, Hans Gonewein, and Gebruder Grimm have the glossiest leaves. The bright shine together with dark green color of the leaves of these varieties make their bushes more expressive and bright and, therefore, more attractive for use in ornamental gardening. The results of the study are of practical importance, since they make it possible to select varieties that are valuable for ornamental gardening, not only in decorativeness of the flower, but also in the characteristics of their leaf appearance.
Key words roses, compound leaf, leaf blade, decorativeness, gardening
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