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Theoretical fundamentals of development of the innovation theory

Author(s) Тюшкевич О. С., , ,
Category Economics
year 2021 issue Issue number 98. Part 2
pages 232-244 index UDK 330:332
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2021-98-2-232-244 (Link)
Abstract Theoretical aspects of innovation theory and its categorical apparatus are considered in the article. Development of ideas about the place and importance of innovation in the spread of innovative theories and approaches to the categories of "innovation" and "innovative development" are analyzed. Own reasoning is presented and own definition of investigated terms that based on the analysis is given. Knowing of theoretical essentials of innovations will enable to create an effective system of management of innovation processes at the enterprise. From this point of view it is expedient to consider the definitions of innovations and their classification. In given article, an author reveals the notions of innovation and innovation process that exist in economic literature by now, considers existing classifications of innovations. An author also gives his own classification of innovations, reveals his understanding of notion of innovation. Currently, the term "innovation" is found everywhere. It has become especially widespread in the sphere of production, although it is not limited to it and applies to almost all areas of human activity. The world and domestic economy form a new paradigm of development, which is based on the growing relationship between socio-economic development of society and new technologies, the global nature of the creation and use of research and development. The creation and implementation of innovations becomes the main internal factor and the key to uture economic growth. As world experience shows, the successful use of scientific and technological progress can significantly affect the course of economic processes and significantly accelerate them. The term "innovative development" consists of two categories – "innovation" and "development". As they are widely used in almost all fields of knowledge and areas of activity, they do not have an unambiguous definition and are the subject of research by domestic and foreign scientists of various profiles.
Key words innovation, innovation development, innovation theory, development, technological modes
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