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Trends and prospects of oilseeds production in Ukraine and analysis of oil exports

Author(s) Васильковська К. В., , ,
Андрієнко О. О., , ,
Малаховська В. О., , ,
Category Economics
year 2021 issue Issue number 98. Part 2
pages 166-177 index UDK 339.564:631.11:633:1
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2021-98-2-166-177 (Link)
Abstract The beginning of this century was marked by increased interest in food and energy security. The favorable geographical position and favorable natural and climatic conditions together with exclusive black earths make Ukraine one of the most promising producers of food in the world. However, there are a number of problems, both internal and external, that do not allow our country to fully reach its full potential. Along with the war in the east and political instability, there are a number of problems with the transformation of foreign trade and integration into the EU. The purpose of this article is to analyze the export potential of oilseeds and oilseeds in Ukraine, to determine the relationships between gross harvest, yield and export of oils, as well as to formulate recommendations for determining the efficiency of Ukrainian exports, its capacity and opportunities to increase due to transition to new cultivation technologies. cereals in changing climatic conditions. Due to the high demand for oilseeds and the level of profitability of these crops, there is a gradual and constant expansion of sown areas. Thus, in 2000 the sown area for oilseeds was 3.26 million hectares, separately sunflower – 2.94 million hectares, and in 2019 the area under oilseeds reached 8.89 million hectares, respectively, sunflower – 5.95 million hectares, that is, oilseeds for the period 2000-2019 increased the sown area by 2.73 times. Thus, the oil export rate gradually increased every year, starting from 0.554 million tons in 2000 and ending with 7.014 million tons of oil in 2019. The increase was not only in the gross collection in digital terms, respectively, a slight increase was observed in the share of exports in the gross collection. Therefore, the share of oil exports increased from 15.1 % in 2000 to 31.5 % in 2019. The average share of exports is 25.3 %. The study shows that Ukraine has the prerequisites to increase oil exports, which is facilitated by external factors such as WTO accession, integration processes and market orientation in the EU. At the same time, it is substantiated that considerable attention should be paid to organizational and technological factors of the internal environment of agricultural producers. Due to the change of climatic conditions there is a gradual change in the technology of growing crops. The change in cultivation technology involves the transition to new agricultural units that will provide moisture-saving agriculture. Without state support for agricultural production, it is impossible for farmers to make a qualitative and quantitative transition to higher yields.
Key words oilseeds, area under crops, gross harvest, yield, export, oil
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