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Improving of economic mechanism for regulating the system of land mortgage lending

Author(s) Колотуха С. М., , ,
Melnyk К. М., , ,
Гузар Б. С., , ,
Category Economics
year 2020 issue Issue number 97. Part 2
pages 53-64 index UDK 338.433
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-97-2-53-64 (Link)
Abstract Land-mortgage crediting as an instrument of attracting investments is widely used in the most developed market countries, however in Ukraine the marked type of crediting is on the stage of becoming. A study of question of land-mortgage crediting of agriculture is extraordinarily actual today, as a creation of its integral system gives an opportunity to the agricultural commodity producers to extend a production by means of recreation of material and technical base, technological reequipment due to the mortgage loans and to accelerate turnover of capital and to get an additional profit. On the results of the conducted study the chart of functioning of financial economic instrument of land-mortgage crediting is offered. It is proved that the efficiency of introduction of system of these instruments, as components of a corresponding mechanism of providing the balanced land-use in the field of agroproduction needs the promotion of market turnover of plot of lands of the agricultural setting. The model of system of a mortgage crediting on the security land is offered that provides the transmission of financial resources at the mortgage market from creditors to the borrowers on the security land with an active participation of infrastructural elements. It is substantiated that at the terms of introduction a market of agricultural land, it becomes not only the factor of production but also a motive force of economic development due to the influence on forming the system of financial economic relations and the system of land-mortgage crediting. The State joint-stock land (mortgage) bank must become the central link of the system of land-mortgage crediting. Measures for the increasing the efficiency of use of land of the agricultural setting must be c
Key words land market, financial and credit provision, credit mechanism, land resources, land reform, land mortgage
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