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Peculiarities of development of extreme tourism in Ukraine

Author(s) Нагернюк Д. В., , ,
Category Economics
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 2
pages 178-190 index UDK 796.51
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-2-178-190 (Link)
Abstract The purpose of this research is to study the peculiarities of the development of extreme tourism in Ukraine. A monographic and abstract-and-logical method (to substantiate the role and benefits of extreme tourism; to improve the essence of the concept of "extreme tourism" and to formulate conclusions), as well as methods of comparison, analogy, analysis, synthesis and generalization - to reveal the content of basic concepts and terms was used in the process of research. The essence of the concept of "extreme tourism" was studied in the article. The systematization of all types of extreme tourism giving the possibility to classify them by the place of their organization was carried out. Four main types of extreme tourism were defined: underground, mountain, water, air. It was found that extreme tourism occupied an important place and importance in people's lives, and represented health, educational and upbringing value in it. The main problems of the development of extreme tourism in Ukraine, namely: low level of domestic service, insufficient information support of the country, high level of risks to human health, insufficient level of welfare of the population were identified. It was established that young people of Ukraine travelled little, did not put extreme tourism in the first place in terms of preferences in recreation, the price factor was key in choosing the type of recreation. In addition, young people are unfamiliar with the types of extreme tourism and its infrastructure in the country. It was found that facilities for the development of extreme tourism could be created both artificially and on the basis of available resources. It was substantiated that Ukraine had all the resources for the development of extreme tourism, so this direction could become attractive for involving a large number of foreign tourists. This would accelerate the improvement of the quality of accommodations, service, development of extreme tourism infrastructure in Ukraine. Promising directions of the development of extreme tourism were an active presentation and advertising campaign of Ukraine abroad, attracting foreign tourists, raising the level of domestic service for providing services in this area, organizing staff training, infrastructure development, development of services accessible to most segments of the population, introduction of legal documents and single standards in the field of extreme tourism.
Key words extreme tourism, extreme, recreation, water tourism, mountain tourism, underground tourism, air tourism
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