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Conceptual approaches to overcome the systemic crisis and the formation of the trajectory of economic development of Ukrainian enterprises in the context of globalization

Author(s) Длугоборська Л. В., , ,
Клименко Л. В., , ,
Category Economics
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 2
pages 141-159 index UDK 330.34(477):339.924
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-2-141-159 (Link)
Abstract Modern globalization processes and the impact of the transformational national economic system have intensified research to substantiate the effective directions of economic development of economic entities of Ukraine. The purpose of the article is to assess the current crisis of the national economy and the formation of an institutional set of prerequisites for economic development of Ukrainian enterprises in a competitive global space. The methodological basis of scientific research is empirical-functional and logical-historical methods. The combination of these methods made it possible to form thorough empirical generalizations of sustainable development of the national economy under the conditions of global market transformations of the inversion type on the basis of functional connections between historical events, modern world trends and existing capacities of the industrial complex of Ukraine. The article deepens the understanding of the crisis not only as a significant violation of economic balance and stability of national economic growth, but primarily as an inherent property of an economy with cyclical and wave-like development. It is reflected that the systemic global and, accordingly, national economic crisis is developing under the influence of a whole range of factors (financial, institutional, organizational and social origin). It is substantiated that in order to harmonize the relationship between producers of national and world space, it is necessary to develop an institutional set of measures that would ensure a combination of economic, commodity-market and information-network relations in the context of globalization. It is established that the formation of the trajectory of economic development of Ukrainian enterprises in the context of globalization should take place in stages, taking into account the criteria of success of reforms, innovative technologies and effective foreign economic agreements in the short, medium and long term. Among the total monitoring of strategic decisions to overcome the effects of the crisis of globalization, economic entities need an active government system, an effective national geopolitical development strategy, national support for exporters and building export potential, which will enable Ukraine to meet globalization challenges. Scenario of human development and having effective mechanisms of influence on the world economy.
Key words economic development, globalization, public administration, resource management, competition, foreign trade
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