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The interphase periods duration of the vegetable bean growth and development depending on the plants layout

Author(s) Гарбовська Т. М., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 1
pages 457-467 index UDK 635.652:631.53.048
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-1-457-467 (Link)
Abstract The speed of passing the basic stages of organogenesis has an important value in culture growing. However rates of growth and development of culture in sowing depend on the plants layout. Densifying causes the increasing of the vegetation period duration. The meteorological terms of the year influence on the vegetation duration of growth and development phases most of all. The research aim is to analyse the vegetation and interphase periods duration of the vegetable bean of Shakhinya sort growth and development depending on the plants layout in the conditions of the east Forest-steppe of Ukraine. Researches were conducted in 2013–2015 years on the base of the Institute of Vegetable and Melon of NAAS. It was defined that plants layout and meteorological terms influence on the vegetation and interphase periods duration from 106 twenty-four hours on control (45х10 cm layout with a plant density of 222 thousand th./ha and a feeding area of 450 cm2) to 101 twenty-four hours 45х25 cm layout on the average, a period declined from mass seedlings to the physiological seed ripeness. Dilution of sowing (layouts 45х25 cm with plants density 89 thousand th./ha) assists the reduction of vegetation period for 6 twenty-four hours and periods from the phase of flowering to the physiological ripeness for 1–3 twenty-four hours. For schemes 45x20 and 45x25 cm, the period of budding came for 2 days, the flowering period for 1–3 days and the period of bean formation for 2 days earlier than on the control. There was considerable reduction of the vegetation of 94–98 days and interphase periods of the development of vegetable bean 2–3 days in the droughty weather terms (HTT 0,6–0,7)
Key words vegetable beans, vegetative period, interphase growth and development periods
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