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Productivity chicory root depending on the cultivation method with a combined row spacing

Author(s) Ткач О. В., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 1
pages 592-605 index UDK 633.78:631.522
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-1-592-605 (Link)
Abstract Purpose. The research aim was to establish the best method of sowing seeds and the nutrition area of chicory root crops in the soil and climate conditions of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine based on the their productivity study. Methods Analysis, synthesis, generalization, laboratory and field experience. Results. It has been established that the positive effect on the yield of chicory root crops and the content of inulin polysaccharide in them is little uniform distribution of plants with an interval of 20–25 cm along the row. The highest indicators of the net productivity of photosynthesis were distinguished by variants with a single placement of plants on an area (rectangular 45 × 22,5 and rhombic 45 × 22,5) – 6,6 and 6,8 million m2 per day/ha. The highest root crop yields of 28,7 and 28,9 t/ha were also noted on these options. The inulin content was 18,4 % and 18,5 %, respectively It was established that crops with a square nutritional area of 35 × 35 cm and plant density of 80,0 thousand/ha provided a high photosynthetic potential in the period of September 30 – 5.8 mln.m2 days/ha., Which is 1500000. m2 of day/ha more than 60 × 60 cm. Changes in the photosynthetic activity of plants, which are caused by various conditions of the light regime, ultimately determined the productivity of chicory root crops, as an integrated result of all physiological processes. The analysis of the complex effect of the studied factors showed that crops with a square nutritional area (35 × 35 cm) and plant density of 80 thousand / ha provided root crops yield of 32,4 t/ha, 18,7 % inulin content, 6,1 % collection of inulin polysaccharide t/ha or 0,9 t/ha more than the control (45 × 22.5 cm with a plant density of 100 thousand/ha). The smallest collection of inulin was noted in crops with a square nutritional area (60 × 60 cm) and a plant density of 30 thousand/ha — 3,4 t/ha. Conclusions. Thus, in the course of the study it was found that for the formation of chicory root crops high productivity, the uniformity of plant distribution in the area is more important than their total number per unit area. In addition, the larger the feeding area deviates from the optimum (square), the greater the decrease in yield.
Key words chicory root, yield, plant density, feeding area, photosynthetic potential, net productivity of photosynthesis
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