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Productivity of sage muscat depending on water and physical properties of soil at drop irrigation

Author(s) Ushkarenko V.A., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, , "Kherson State Agrarian University"
Коковіхін С. В., , ,
Чабан В. О., , ,
Lavrenko S.O., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, , Kherson State Agrarian University
Шепель А. В., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 1
pages 621-635 index UDK 633.8011.631.674.6:58.05
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-1-621-635 (Link)
Abstract The article analyzes long-term experimental data on the efficiency of long-term sage cultivation and the influence of agrotechnical cultivation methods on the water-physical properties of dark chestnut residual-saline soils. Plowing to a depth of 28–30 cm, followed by pre-sowing tillage harrow-cultivator BK-1.0, led to an increase in pre-sowing soil moisture in the layer of 0–30 cm by 1–7 % HB compared with pre-sowing cultivation KPS-4. The highest water permeability of dark chestnut soil under crops of sage was observed in the first year of its use in plowing to a depth of 28–30 cm and was at the beginning – 3,7 and at the end of the growing season – 3,0 mm/min. The lowest indicators of soil water permeability of 1,5–2,0 mm/min were observed in the fourth year of crop use. The yield of sage inflorescences at harvest during the harvest was stable for three years of use. On average, in the first year it was – 9,51, in the second year – 9,38, the third – 9,69 t/ha. In the fourth year, crop use (fifth year of life), the average yield decreased to 1,40 t/ha. The application of mineral fertilizers contributed to the increase of essential oil synthesized by plants. Against the natural background of fertility, the highest conditional harvest was 5,05 kg/ha. The application of mineral fertilizers by the N60P30 norm led to an increase in the rate to 14,45 kg/ha. The highest conditional harvest of essential oil – 51,1 kg/ha provided the application of mineral fertilizers by the rate of N60P90. It is advisable to mow the inflorescences of the culture either in the morning (from 6 to 11) or in the evening (from 19 to 22). In the afternoon (from 11 to 19 oclock) mowing of inflorescences of culture not to spend.
Key words clary sage, tillage, sowing period, row spacing, mineral fertilizers, soil permeability, yield, o
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