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Sterilize agents selection and the determination of explants introduction period for clonal micropropagation of introduced roses' varieties (Rosa L.)

Author(s) Українець О. А., , ,
Поліщук В. В., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 1
pages 650-663 index UDK 581.16:635.925:582.734.4
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-1-650-663 (Link)
Abstract Literary sources have been analyzed and it has been revealed that the majority of roses are heterozygous and in case of seed multiplication they give a big split, therefore, most roses multiply in vegetative way. Vegetative reproduction is a complex, time-consuming and exhausting process. An alternative to this reproduction is the use of biotechnological techniques, namely clonal micropropagation. Breeders use this method for conservation, reproduction of valuable breeding genotypes and created new valuable hybrid forms. Clonal micropropagation consists of a number of successive stages, which have their own characteristics. The purpose of our research was to obtain sterile, viable explants and to study the influence of some physical and chemical factors on the growth and development of six varieties of roses in domestic and foreign selection. For sterilizing agents were used: 70 % ethyl alcohol with sterilization exposure from one to three minutes; 0.1 % solution of mercury dichloride (HgCl2) with the exposure from three to seven minutes and sodium hypochloride (NaClO) (1:3) with the exposure from 10 to 20 minutes. During introduction and sterilization, 30 sinus buds of six genotypes for each sterilizing agent were used as explants. The selection of implants for different phases of growth and development of rose plants was carried out to assess the regenerative capacity of the implants. It has been determined that the most effective sterilizing agent is sodium hypochlorite at an exposure of 20 minutes, which has 90 % efficiency of sterilization, with the best period of introduction of explants in vitro during the initial phase of growth and development and active vegetation of intact plants (March – July).
Key words rose, varieties, source material, nutrient medium, explant, in vitro, genotype, sterilization, regeneration
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