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Intensification of the process of wastewater treatment by physico-chemical methods

Author(s) Ісаєнко В. М., , ,
Поштаренко А. В., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 1
pages 167-178 index UDK 628
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-1-167-178 (Link)
Abstract One of the promising ways to improve wastewater treatment technologies is the use of physico-chemical methods: electrodialysis, ultrasound, magnetic field, low-frequency and ultrahigh frequency radiation. The purpose of the study is to determine the degree of purification and disinfection of wastewater from yeast production using different physico-chemical methods. When using electrodialysis, the pH of the treated wastewater increased as well as the concentration of free chlorine, whereas the color and oxidizability decreased. Best of all, wastewater disinfection occurred in the anode zone with an electrodialysis duration of 20 minutes. After ultrasonic wastewater treatment at an operating frequency of 840 kHz, power of 91 W and intensity of 0.7 W/cm2 for 12 minutes the degree of water purification according to physico-chemical indicators is in the range of 55‒79%, and the degree of disinfection is 98 %. Changes in physicochemical parameters after treatment of wastewater by magnetic field with a magnetic induction intensity of 75 mT for 10 minutes consisted in 72 % COD reduction. The reduction of other related indicators is in the range of 30–50 %, and the degree of destruction of microorganisms is 87 %. The treatment by low-frequency radiation at a frequency of 100 kHz and voltage amplitude of 5 V for 17 minutes resulted in the decrease of organic substances content to 60 %, minerals to 73 % and the degree of disinfection of 76 %. The treatment by ultrahigh frequency radiation with a frequency of 60 GHz and wavelength of 270 mm for 24 minutes resulted in the decrease of suspended solids content, chlorides and sulfate in the range of 72–80 % as well as the degree of disinfection of 64 %. Thus, the use of physico-chemical methods for wastewater treatment allows to obtain a high antimicrobial effect and a significant reduction in pollutants, which leads to an improvement in sanitary and epidemiological indicators of wastewater quality.
Key words wastewater, electrodialysis, ultrasound, magnetic field, ultrahigh frequency radiation, low-frequency radiation
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