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Economic–biological assessment of cherry tomato hybrids in the southern steppe of Ukraine

Author(s) Попова Л. М., , ,
Латюк Г. І., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 1
pages 264-277 index UDK 635.64 : 631.526.3:631.55 (477.74)
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-1-264-277 (Link)
Abstract The work presents results on studying characteristics of plant growth and development, yield and product quality of foreign cherry tomato hybrids in conditions of the Southern Steppe of Ukraine. Hereby it was established that on average for three years the Cupid F1 and Timoushin F1 hybrids have a fruiting period of 15 to 11 days longer than the control. Panareе F1 hybrid is very close to the control by duration of fruiting (38 days). Shortest fruiting period was observed in the Beibit F1 hybrid – 35 days. The leaf area of one plant of the Timoushin F1 hybrid reached 213 dm², which is 83 dm² more than the control. The leaf surface planted area of 1m 2 for this hybrid was 4,69 m², which is 1,83 m² more than control. For the Panaree F1 hybrid, leaf area of one plant was 196 dm², which is 66 dm² more than control, and leaf planted area of 1m2made 4,31 m², which is 1,45 m² more than control. The Cupid F1 hybrid is characterized by the smallest leaf surface area of one plant – 121 dm² and 1 m2 of plantations – 2,66 m². At that, it should be noted that leaf area of this particular hybrid is the most productive. This indicator in plants of the Cupid F1 hybrid was 0,81 m2/kg. Beibit F1 and Panareе F1 hybrids are characterized with lowest productivity of leaf area, which amounted to 1,98 and 1,19 m2/kg respectively. A similar trend was observed with respect to the size and quality of marketable products. Thus, the Timoushin F1 hybrid provided the highest marketable yield. On average, over the years of research, the marketable yield of this hybrid was 4,66 kg/m2 and exceeded control one by 1,72 kg/m2 or 59 %. The Panareе F1 hybrid significantly exceeded control one in terms of marketable yield size. The average commercial productivity of this hybrid for three years amounted to 3,20 kg/m2, which exceeds the control by 0,26 kg/m2 or by 9 %. Beibit F1 hybrid is characterized by the lowest marketable yield, which amounted to 1,51 kg/m2 in the years of study, which is less than the control one by 1,43 kg/m2. The control Cherry Wiener F1 hybrid was found in between in the context of options in terms of the marketable yield size. On average, over the years of research, this indicator amounted to 2,94 kg/m2. It was established that the Timoushin F1 and Panareе F1 hybrids are rank below in height of plants to Cherry Wiener F1 control, however, in terms of leaf surface area they significantly exceed it, by 64 and 52 %, respectively. Timoushin F1 and Panareе F1 hybrids provided the highest marketable yield, which on average for three years of research makes 4,66 and 3,20 kg/m2. Cultivation of these hybrids allows getting products with in 38–53 days with the marketability of fruits of 88,4–97,2 %.
Key words cherry tomato, hybrid, marketable fruits, leaf area, yield
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