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Formation of Corn Crop Structure Elements under the Influence of Growth Technology in Forest Steppe

Author(s) Асанішвілі Н. М., , ,
Юла В. М., , ,
Шляхтурова С. П., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 1
pages 663-676 index UDK 633.15:631.8:632.954
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-1-663-676 (Link)
Abstract An important reserve for increasing the productivity of maize agrophytocoenosis is to increase individual plant productivity in sowing by improving the basic elements of the structure under the influence of elements of growing technology. The purpose of the studies carried out during 2016–2019 on dark grey powder- light loamy soil was to establish the influence of the fertilization system on the formation of yield structure elements of maize hybrids in the conditions of the Forest Steppe. Methods – field, weight, quantity weight, dispersion and correlation-regression. Features of influence of fertilizers on the basic indicators of structure of a crop of maize hybrids are revealed and the indicators most changing under the influence of factors of intensification of technology of cultivation are allocated. It is established that the number of cobs per 100 plants and the sowing density change little depending on the organized factors, but the mass of grain from the cob (V = 24.8–27.0 %), the number of grains in the cob (V = 15.8–16.8 %) and in the smaller - the mass of 1000 grains (V = 11.3–15.0 %) changes to a greater extent. The highest yield was formed by agrophytocoenosis of corn at application of N240P120K240 on the background of by-products of its predecessor – 12.1 t/ha of the middle-early hybrid Gidnyi with the following structure indicators: sowing density – 75.5 thousand pcs/ha, number of cobs per 100 plants – 104 pcs, number of grains per cob – 670 pcs, weight of grains per cob – 185 g, weight of 1000 grains – 280 pcs. Early ripening hybrids Trubizh SV and Zaislav M ensured high productivity of corn at the level of 10.08–10.39 t/ha. The yield was formed due to such indicators of the structure: sowing density – 75.3–75.8 thousand pcs./ha, the number of cobs per 100 plants – 104 pcs., the number of grains in the cob – 618–648 pcs., the mass of grain 1 cob – 157–161 g, the mass of 1000 grains – 251–255 g.
Key words corn, yield structure, growing technology, hybrids, mineral fertilizers, by-products of the predecessor
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