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Analysis of interspecific hybrids of F1 tobacco by structural elements of seed productivity

Author(s) Леонова К. П., , ,
Моргун А. В., , ,
Моргун В. І., , ,
Коваленко А. М., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2020 issue Issue number 96. Part 1
pages 252-264 index UDK 633.71:631.527
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2020-96-1-252-264 (Link)
Abstract At the current stage of tobacco breeding, it is important to create new heterotic hybrids that can combine high productivity and commercial quality of raw materials in one genotype. The main feature of F1 hybrids is the manifestation of the heterosis effect on the productivity, individual quantitative and qualitative traits, biological properties, which is primarily due to the heterozygous state of the organism. When crossing ecologically and geographically distant varieties, the highest heterosis effect is observed. In 2017 the inter-varietal hybridization of tobacco according to the scheme of simple pair mating was conducted at the Tobacco Research Station of the National Scientific Centre ʻʻ Institute of Agriculture of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine ʼʼ and the F1 seeds from 15 hybrid combinations were obtained. Such high-yielding varieties with optimal biometric plant parameters as Virginia 27, Ternopilskyi 14, and Hostrolyst Rubin served as the female form and were crossed with promising medium maturity group varieties Burley 38 and Burley 46, well adapted to drought and unpretentious to agrotechnical provision. In 2018–2019, experimental F1 tobacco hybrids were evaluated in comparison with the parent forms by a complex of biometric and economically valuable traits (inflorescence size, inflorescence density, number of inflorescence boxes, inflorescence seed weight, seed yield) in the Central Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. The best hybrid combinations were selected, according to the high manifestation of the complex of traits of seed productivity – 00035, 00036, 00038, 00040, 00045, 00047, 00049, which had a positive dominance and are of practical interest for further selection and seed work.
Key words tobacco, F1 hybrids, seed productivity, heterosis effect, degree of phenotypic dominance
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