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The development of export-oriented activities of agrarian sector’s enterprises

Author(s) Shkolnyi O.O., Doctor of Economics Sciences, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2019 issue Issue number 95. Part 2
pages 58-69 index UDK 338.433:339.564
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2019-95-2-58-69 (Link)
Abstract The changes that take place in the global market can stimulate Ukraine’s exports. The requirements of increasing agricultural commodities and food stuff exports are attributed to the need in supporting a positive balance of trade and higher citizens’ living standards. The purpose of the article is to analyze main issues of the development of export-oriented activities of agrarian sector’s enterprises. The systems and synergetic approach was applied as a theoretical and methodological basis for the research. Abstract, logical and empirical methods were used in the process of highlighting the problems of expanding entrepreneurship through exports connected to agrifood business. The Strategy for the development of exports of agricultural, food and processing industry products until 2016 require the long-term state policy toward agriexport growth. There is a clear trend of increasing food export to the EU countries. However the article highlights some obstacles of mutually beneficial trade expansion. The possibilities of increasing raw materials exports are quite limited. That is why a more diversified export is needed for strengthening the competitive positions of domestic agrifirms on the global food markets. The methods of global competitive positioning can stimulate increased share of high value added processed agricultural goods. Some shortcomings of oriented on exports and monoculture agricultural production system have been discussed in the article in the context of socio-economic and environmental issues. The monitoring of agricultural commodities movement trough the export logistics supply chains can reflect the consumers’ requirement for quality and safety standards.
Key words export-oriented activities, agrarian sector of the economy, competitive positioning, the monitoring of logistics supply chains
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