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Conceptual and categorical apparatus for the study of the system of multimodal transportation in the region

Author(s) Mashkantseva S., Candidate of Ekonomikal Sciences, ,
Category Economics
year 2019 issue Issue number 95. Part 2
pages 198-205 index UDK 339.168.6:338.47
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2019-95-2-198-205 (Link)
Abstract One of the modern logistic concepts of cargo transportation is multimodal transportation, providing organizational and technological interaction of different types of transport, coordination and synchronization of processes of transport and logistics services, as well as partnership relations between all participants of the door-to-door delivery chain. The advantage of this method of delivery is the presence of a single operator, who, on the basis of a single transport document and a single freight rate, is fully responsible for the organization and implementation of the transport process, while solving the problem of selecting and selecting the optimal transportation schemes at the lowest cost. The purpose of the article is to study and evaluate scientific views on the theoretical aspects of determining the economic category of "multimodal transportation of the region". To achieve this goal it is necessary to perform the following tasks: to study the concept of "multimodal transportation"; to consider the influence of regional peculiarities on the functioning of the multimodal transportation system; present the author's format for defining the concept of multimodal transport in the region. In the process of research, the methods of comparison, analysis, theoretical and logical generalization are applied. Methodological basis was become by the dialectical method of research. The definition of “multimodal transportation” is studied in the article; the necessity of forming a system of multimodal transportations in the transport industry of the region is considered. It is proposed to interpret multimodal transportations in the region as transportations of the product by different modes of transport and other participants in the transport process, interacting with each other, as well as performing their part of the work within the framework of contractual relations and in the presence of a single governing body in a certain territory.
Key words multimodal transportation; combined transportation; intermodal transportation; region; management; transport industry
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