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Features of foreign economic activities of the black sea region

Author(s) Завгородній А. В., , ,
Category Economics
year 2019 issue Issue number 95. Part 2
pages 151-160 index UDK 339.9.01
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2019-95-2-151-160 (Link)
Abstract The foreign economic activity of the regions to date is a factor contributing to improving the well-being of the population, improving its quality of life, as well as the socio-economic development of the territory and increasing its competitiveness. The purpose of the article is to analyze the directions of foreign economic activity of the Black Sea region, their current state and prospects for development. The main tendency of foreign economic relations of the economy of the Black Sea region (including APC enterprises) is that it has in fact lost its once significant dependence on the unstable Russian market. For example, exports to Russia from the Kherson region have decreased by almost five in the last two years, and their share has fallen to less than 10%, which is significantly lower even than the average in Ukraine and compared to deliveries from the Kherson region to the Netherlands. Instead, exports to the EU have increased substantially, accounting for up to 30% of all shipments as well as Turkey (from $ 21.96 million to $ 48.32 million in the last two years). In Mykolayiv region, the share of exports to the Russian Federation is, at first glance, still quite high (26.8%), and almost twice as high as the EU (14.6%). However, virtually all exports to the Russian Federation are formed at the expense of alumina of the Mykolayiv Alumina Plant, which is part of the production chains of Russian RUSAL and provides processing of African and Latin American ore for its aluminum enterprises. The Black Sea region is one of the world's leading suppliers of agricultural products. The main focus of agro-exports is the European Union. In the second place - Southeast Asia, in the third Middle East. CIS countries, including the Russian Federation, have ceased to be an important export destination. Deliveries to the Middle East and North Africa are relatively stable, exports to Southeast Asia have increased 8-fold in recent years, 13 times to the EU. The geography of export of APC enterprises of the Black Sea region, their geographical and commodity structure is investigated. The geography of foreign direct investment in the enterprises of the agroindustrial complex of Odessa region is defined. It has been proved that the regions of the Black Sea economic region have significantly increased the geographical diversification of foreign economic activity of agricultural enterprises in the last 3 years, while, along with the expansion of the traditional European direction and narrowing of Russian, exports of goods and services to China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, have increased.
Key words foreign economic activity of the region, export, import, dynamics, regional foreign economic relations, foreign economic relations of the region, geographical structure
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