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Analysis of the agricultural market development current situation

Author(s) Коваленко О. Г., , ,
Category Economics
year 2019 issue Issue number 95. Part 2
pages 161-174 index UDK 631.3
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2019-95-2-161-174 (Link)
Abstract The article deals with the development of the agricultural machinery industry in Ukraine. It is noted that the efficiency of the use of land resources, quantitative and qualitative indicators of their activity largely depend on the technical support of agricultural enterprises. It is noted that the domestic machine and tractor fleet of agricultural enterprises of Ukraine is undergoing moral and physical aging, is decreasing quantitatively and qualitatively. The current state of logistical support is not at all sufficient for the normal functioning of agricultural enterprises. At the same time, the agricultural machinery industry in Ukraine is developing slowly. It is established that the degree of localization, volume and quality of production of tractors, in factories of Ukraine, is the most varied - from partial harvesting to full production with the use of domestic and foreign components. These manufacturers include: PJSC "Kharkiv Tractor Plant", state enterprise "Production Association Southern Machine Building Plant named after. OM Makarova, LLC "AMT Trade", LLC "Ukravtozapchast", LLC "Slobozhanskaya industrial company", LLC NPP "Agromashinvest", LLC "Melitopol Mechanical Plant" (NPO "Basis"), LLC NPP "Kherson Machine-Building Plant », LLC Kherson Machine-Building Plant LLC - producer of combine harvesters in Ukraine. It is revealed that the domestic production of tractors and combines is constantly fluctuating, and not sufficient to meet the needs of domestic agricultural enterprises. It is noted that the attractiveness of the Ukrainian agricultural machinery industry to investors, especially foreign ones, is not high. Attracting investment in the innovative development of agricultural machinery manufacturers will make it competitive. All this requires efforts from manufacturers and the state. An example of such cooperation is PJSC “Kharkiv Tractor Plant” and the Finnish company “Sampo Rosenlew Ltd”, on the assembly of a combine harvester. PJSC "Kharkiv Tractor Plant", regarding plans for assembling products in the European Union. LLC KPP Kherson Machine-Building Plant, on the introduction of new dyeing technology and development of new devices and harvesters for corn and sunflower. LLC "BelotserkovMash", on the units for the introduction of anhydrous ammonia. It is revealed that the low level of technical and technological support of the agro-industrial complex is caused by the reasons of long-term nature: the purchasing power of agricultural enterprises, which regulates the influence on the actual demand for machinery; the state policy on the agricultural sector as a whole, which is manifested in the regulation of the internal market and loyalty to national producers; the economic situation of Ukraine; investment climate in the country; the problem of training the staff of mechanics, which indicates the need for closer cooperation with colleges and colleges. The reduction in production and sales of agricultural machinery has led to a decrease in budget revenues, pensions and other social funds. It is noted that the current performance indicators of technological processes and reliability indicators of domestic technology do not meet current requirements.
Key words market, agricultural machinery, agrarian enterprise, machine-tractor park, trade mark, investments, state support
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