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Author(s) Рysarenko P., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, ,
Samoylik M.S., , ,
Dychenko O., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, , Poltava State Agrarian Academy
Category Economics
year 2019 issue Issue 94. Part 2
pages 58-69 index UDK 504.03
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2019-94-2-58-69 (Link)
Abstract A problem of providing of municipal solid waste management sphere, increase of efficiency of the naturally-economic potential use of territory is one of priority for every region of Ukraine. Optimization of development model in municipal solid waste management sphere in the region aimed at balancing economic and environmental criteria has been developed. Have also been determined development directions for handling municipal solid waste in the context of realization of socio-economic and environmental strategies and recommendations regarding improvement in financial and economic support. The methodological basis of the study were the results of basic and applied research in the field of physical economy, ecological economics, of the concept of sustainable development. The development strategy of municipal solid waste sphere allows to the formation of an effective integrated waste management system that will enable achieving the following results: creating legal, scientific and technical basis for rational and safe waste management, developing economic instruments aimed at forming and developing waste market as secondary resources; improving of organizational infrastructure for sustainable waste management; introduction a single system of accounting, control and management of municipal solid waste streams and establishing a system for monitoring ecological condition for the disposal places of solid waste; providing environmentally safe disposal of solid waste and creating trends for reducing “end wastes”, which are transported to the landfill; reducing unauthorized removal of solid waste and economic loss for the solid waste pollution; minimization of municipal solid waste formation; increasing waste utilization coefficient and investments in this given sphere, introducing separate collection system of solid waste; construction of waste sorting station for development of second resources market; providing population with services for collecting waste and with technical means of removal of solid waste; creation of capacities for utilization of organic waste at composting plants. The results of research allowed to form conceptual principles of providing of municipal solid waste management sphere in the regions of Ukraine, oriented to the increase of efficiency of territory naturally-economic potential use on the basis of solid wastes capitalization and minimization of their negative influence.
Key words municipal solid wastes, sphere of waste management, region, strategy of development, financial and economic support, balanced development
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