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Analysis of local budget expenses in the context of decentralization of financial resources (in approach to the budget of the Тal'nivskogo of district of Сherkasy area)

Category Economics
year 2019 issue Issue 94. Part 2
pages 190-199 index UDK 336.1:352
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2019-94-2-190-199 (Link)
Abstract Introduction. Local budgets are large because they are reflected in social, economic, political, organizational and other processes that take place in society. They is a guarantee of financial support for regional development. Over the past few years, an in-depth reform of intergovernmental fiscal relations has been an important influence on the payment of activities of the authorities, which is a combination of the role of local authorities in the public sector of the economy. Therefore, the question of the functioning of local budgets and the development of ways and directions of their effectiveness is important. Appointment. The purpose of this article is to analyze the expenditures of local budgets, search for positive and negative aspects of budget execution, and develop ways to solve existing problems. Results The article analyzes the use of the local budget of the Talne region, the distribution of the main expenditures. The article defines perspective directions of formation and use of funds of the local budget of the Talne region (for example, the budget of the Talne region for 2013-2017). One of the directions of increasing the financial independence of local self-government bodies in the context of fiscal decentralization is the development of a regional development policy that would increase the investment attractiveness of the regions, increase their economic potential and increase the level of social and economic development of the country as a whole. Conclusions. The modern mechanism of functioning of local budgets in the conditions of economic transformations shows that the significant influence on the further development of the regions is to reduce the level of financial dependence of local self-government bodies from central government bodies, as well as the provision by the state of financing of social expenditures at the appropriate levels. The process of carrying out the relevant reforms should provide local self-government bodies with sufficient financial resources, expand their capabilities and increase their own revenues, and fiscal decentralization will further strengthen the financial capacity of local self-government bodies.
Key words local budgets, expenditures, management, decentralization.
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