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Haricot beans productivity depending on the seed sowing rate in the Eastern Forest Steppe of Ukraine

Author(s) Rozhkov A. A., Doctor of Agricultural Science, ,
Trush A.K., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2019 issue Issue number 94. Part 1
pages 165-174 index UDK [635.652:631.559]: 631.531.048 (477.52/6)
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2019-94-1-165-174 (Link)
Abstract A high productivity level of any haricot beans varieties can be formed only by means of a high level of the crop growing. Hence, nowadays the main task is to maintain a high level of farming forming optimum conditions to grow modern highly productive haricot beans varieties. Only under these conditions, the realization of their genetic productivity potencial can be expected. The research work was carried out on the base of HHBU «Experimental field» of Kharkiv national agrarian university named after V.V. Dokuchaiev according to the generally used methods during 2015 – 2017. Two factor experiments were carried out by the method of organized repetitions according to the complete factor scheme. During the experiment five seed sowing rates were compared: 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700 thousand pcs/ha (factor A) and three haricot beans varieties: Pervomaiska, Dokuchaievska and Panna (factor B). There were four repetitions in the experiment. There were ten variants in the experiment. Temperature, precipitation and precipitation distribution indices research years differed appreduring ciably from those of average many years ones and during certain periods drew nearer to extreme ones. At the same time it enabled to study the influence of the growing technology elements under studying on the adaptation of haricot beans plants concerning changeableness of abiothic factors in more details. During the research work it was proved that the factors under studying influenced the changeableness of haricot beans seeds productivity sufficiently. More over the close connection between the seed sowing rate and the indices of haricot beans productivity of varieties different according to morphbiotype was determined. The advantage of Panna haricot beans variety was proved. The productivity of this variety was rather higher than that of Pervomaiska and Dokuchaievska. The advantage of this variety was more evident under the more favourable weather conditions in 2015 and 2017. The maximum productivity of Panna haricot beans seed variety (2,02 t/ha) was formed when sowing rate amounted 600 thousand pcs/ha, and that of , Pervomaiska and Dokuchaievska ones – when sowing rate amounted 500 thousand pcs/ha – 1,73 and 1,65 t/ha correspondingly. A high effect of interaction between weather conditions during vegetation and seed sowing rate (6,7 %) and variety peculiarities (7,8 %) concerning the indices of haricot beans seeds productivity. It is evidence of the importance of the seed sowing rate compliance and q variety taking into consideration changeableness of weather conditions during q vegetation period.
Key words haricot beans, seed sowing rate, productivity, variety, conservation, field germination, yield structure
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