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The latest experience in measuring the quality of life for development planning

Author(s) Kostyuk W. S., PhD in Economics, ,
Kotvytska N. M., PhD in Economics, , Uman National University of Horticulture
Fytsyk L. A., PhD in Economics, , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2018 issue Issue № 93. Part 2
pages 178-189 index UDK 330.59
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2018-93-2-178-189 (Link)
Abstract In a present-day civilized world the research results into definition of the quality of life is widely used for the formation of public policy and management decisions to ensure social cohesion. Objectives of improving the quality of life of population constitute the basic priorities in the documents of strategic planning at mega-and macro level. Analysis results of quality of life according to relevant characteristics and indicators should be taken into account in the development of such documents. Human development index is used as integral parameter, calculated every year to compare living standards, literacy and longevity in different countries as main characteristics of human potential. According to the survey results of 2017 Ukraine ranks No. 84 among 188 countries according to human development index, which is 3 point lower compared to the previous result. The results of global studies “Social development index” developed by American organization Social Progress Imperative have shown that Ukraine ranks No. 64 among 128 countries according to the quality of life and belongs to the countries with development above average (in 2016 Ukraine ranked No. 63 among 133 countries). In 2018 Ukraine ranked No. 138 among 156 countries according to International happiness index. This ranking is based on well-being, environmental security, and the other important parameters. To determine the index it is important to take into account subjective life satisfaction related to deprivation. In 2016 the level of material deprivation for 28 EU countries made up 16 % and the level of deep material deprivation made up 8 % In Ukraine these indexes were 42 % and 27 % respectively in 2017. In current conditions awareness of living standards, that people deserve, is changing. Improvement of living standards results in new needs for comfortable accommodation, high quality food, affordable healthcare services, environmental security, favourable social environment. Economic development of the country doesn’t guarantee high standards of living, however it is its essential prerequisite. Therefore Ukraine needs favourable investment climate, effective anti-corruption policy and other reforms, focused on people interests. It is a single way to achieve the progress in the quality of life and the level of human development in Ukraine
Key words standard of living, quality of living, the quality of living criteria, social standards, human development index
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