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Productivity and dynamics of fructification of grades and hybrids of the vegetable marrow in the conditions of the Right-bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine

Author(s) Palamarchuk I.I., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2018 issue Issue № 93. Part 1
pages 158-165 index UDK 631. 547.5:635.623(631.527.5+631.526.3)(477.4+292.485)
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2018-93-1-158-165 (Link)
Abstract The results of studies on the productivity and dynamics of fruiting of different varieties and hybrids of zucchini, their influence on the dynamics of product receipt by years of research and yield in general are presented. It was established that the yields depended on the variety and hybrid and varied according to the weather conditions for the years of research. In 2011, the highest yield among the hybrids studied was provided by Iskander F1 – 62.1 t/ha, which is more than control by 13.9 t/ha. Among the varieties, the sorghum grade was 85.6 t/ha, where the increment relative to the control was 17.5 t/ha. In 2012, the highest yield was recorded in the Kavili hybrid F1–56.8 t/ha, which is 6.2 t/ha more control and 6.7 t/ha more than the Iskander F1 hybrid. The pattern between yields in the studied varieties over the years is unchanged. Thus, in 2012 it was the largest in the Chaklun variety – 77.8 t/ha, which is more than the control variant by 21.4 t/ha. The least productive was the year of 2013. Thus, yields between the variants studied varied between 42.1 – 69.2 t/ha. It was the largest in the variety Chaklun and hybrid Iskander F1 – 69.2 and 49.3 tons/ha, respectively. The average yield for the three years was the Chaklun variety, where the increment in control was 18.8 tonnes/ha. This option provided the greatest number of fruits – 21.2 pcs. /the plant, which is 4.5 pcs./plant more control. The highest yield among the hybrids was provided by the hybrid Iskander F1 – 53.8 t/ha, which is 6.1 t/ha more compared to the control. The greatest number of fruits among hybrids was provided by the hybrid Iskander F1 – 16.0 pcs./the plant, which is 2.2 pcs./plant more control. The largest weight of the fruit was noted in varieties Zolotinka – 303 g and Chaklun – 308 g, which is more than 9.0 and 14.0 g. Among the hybrids studied, the largest indicator was on control – 291 g. Fruiting duration in the study of varieties and hybrids of courgette was 10–11 decades. The highest percentage of the early harvest was obtained in the cultivar Chaklun – 0.9 % of the harvest, among the Iskander F1 hybrids – 4.4 %, respectively.
Key words productivity, vegetable marrow, grade, hybrid, productivity, dynamics.
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