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Features of control of pests of grain cereal crops in modern weather and climate conditions in the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Author(s) Сахненко В. В., , ,
Сахненко Д. В., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2018 issue Issue № 93. Part 1
pages 191-200 index UDK 632.931:632.11:632.7
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2018-93-1-191-200 (Link)
Abstract Investigations are devoted to the control of an integrated pest system of cereal crops under the influence of various weather and climate conditions on them. In work, the features of the ecology of individual pest species that reproduce in field crop rotations and generalized indicators of the influence of abiotic factors on the development and mass reproduction of insects in time and space in modern farming systems are highlighted. The species composition of the phytophagous insects of new agrobiocenoses was refined for the theme of the work. According to the monitoring results of the winter wheat complex, more than 20 species were identified in winter, which intensively damaged this crop. The influence of temperature, air and soil on the trophic connections of phytophages and the development of their stages was analyzed. Also, a close relationship between the level of productivity and the stages of organogenesis of plants with individual stages of development of the main pests of phytophages is established. The analysis of the effectiveness of modeling the number of harmful and useful species of insects on the resource-saving protection systems of winter wheat. Specific features of biology and ecology of pests of stems and root system of wheat winter in the region of research are specified. The features of the formation of the entomocomplex in agrocenoses vary according to certain indices, in particular, the numbers of soil and intestinal phytophages, taking into account the radius of their daily movement. For effective management of crop production, it is actual to determine the total need of pests in the diet with the actual population of species at different stages of ontogeny of cereals. Application in the production of resource-saving models for calculating the dynamics of phytophages on crops of cereal crops by hydrothermal coefficient at different periods of plant and phytophagous development, which makes it possible to determine the quantitative changes of an individual entomocomplex on crops of grain crops in time and space. In modern systems of agriculture in the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine, the development and introduction of complex methods for controlling winter pests of winter wheat, which determines the expected loss of grain in the fields of crop rotation, is of great importance.
Key words phytophagous, agrocenosis, field crops, abiotic factors, prognosis, structure of the entomocomplex.
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