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Efficiency of mineral fertilizers when growing naked sort oats in the forest-steppe Ukraine

Author(s) Foremna I. V, , , Lviv National Agrarian University
Lуkhchvor V. V., doctor of agricultural sciences, , Lviv National Agrarian University
Category The Agronomy
year 2018 issue Issue № 93. Part 1
pages 39-47 index UDK 005.336.1:631.82:633. 13(292.485)(477)
DOI 10.31395/2415-8240-2018-93-1-39-47 (Link)
Abstract In this work, the results of field research on the production of oats grain, depending on the background of mineral fertilizers in the conditions of the Western Forest-steppe of Ukraine are presented. The purpose of the research was to study the influence of different doses of mineral fertilizers on yields and quality indicators of oat seeds of the naked variety Avgol (a variety recommended for cultivation the forest-steppe zone). Тhe sowing was conducted string way to a depth of 3–4 cm with a row spacings of 15 cm in a threefold repetition with a seed rate of 4.5 million/ha. Crops’ treatments included the use of herbicides Granstar (25 g/ha), along with Trend (200 g/ha), Falcon fungicide (0.8 l/ha) and Fastak insecticide (0.2 l/ha) and growth regulator Stabilan (0,8 l/ha), that were introduced in the phase of tillering oats. The research revealed that the highest average yield for 2 years (6,05 t/ha) and increment in the yield of a seeds of oats Avogol (2.82 tons/ha) compared to control, was observed on the experimental scenario with the addition of N40+40+40P40K80. A slightly lower oat yield is marked on the following fertilizer backgrounds: N60P20K40; N90Р30K60; N45+45 Р30K60; N120P40K80. On the scenario with the lowest amount of fertilizer N30Р10К20 added, the smallest increment of the yield of oats Avgol (0.46 t/ha) was registered compared to the control. Depending on the doses of mineral fertilizers, oats’ quality indicators have changed as well. The maximum protein content was obtained in the experimental scenario with the use of N40+40+40P40K80, (14.46 %). The minimum content of protein in the naked sort Avgol was obtained using N30Р10K20 ̶ 14.19 %, nevertheless the result was 0.28 % greater compared to the control. The results of the study confirm that yield and quality of oats depend on the dose of mineral fertilizer used on the field. Consequently, in the conditions of the Western Forest-steppe of Ukraine, on the dark gray podzolized soils, it is more expedient to grow naked Avgol using the N40+40+40P40K80 fertilizer.
Key words oats, variety, mineral fertilizers, yield, quality.
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