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Grain size unit of collection spring barley varieties samples of Uman National Horticultural University

Author(s) Novak Zh.M., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2018 issue Issue № 92. Part 1
pages 168-177 index UDK 631.526.3:633.16(477)
Abstract Barley is one of the most important crops of different uses. In the State register of plant varieties suitable for dissemination in Ukraine in 2017, there are 152 varieties of spring barley, which indicates the development of the selection of this crop. The Department of genetics, plant selection and biotechnology of the Uman National University of Horticulture maintains a collection of variety samples of spring barley. The article analyzes the indicators of grain unit and the thousand-kernel weight of this selection samples. Since barley is used for different purposes, the requirements for its grain are different. The food grain should contain a lot of protein, starch, sugar. The grain of brewing barley is characterized by a low percentage of protein, film, high grain unit, leveling and thousand-kernel weight. One of the indicators of the quality of spring barley grain is its grain unit and the thousand -kernel weight. The grain unit shows the mass of grain in a unit of volume. State standard of Ukraine 3769–98 the grain of the first class of spring barley food use shall be not less than 600 g / l. For second-class grain, for used to make malt in alcohol production - 570 g / l. Grain unit is not regulated for varieties of brewing and fodder use. Grain unit of analyzed variety samples spring barley was 525–665 g/l. The thousand-kernel weight characterizes their size and belongs to the components of the crop structure and to the indicators of the seed. The state standard of Ukraine 3769-98 for food barley does not regulate the thousand-kernel weight. This indicator should be at least 40.0 grams for brewing varieties of the first class, and 38.0 g. for the second class. The thousand-kernel weight of analyzed variety samples spring barley was 50,6–60,6 g. This index varied slightly depending on the year of study, and depending on the genotype. The grain width of the analyzed variety samples was 3.3-3.6 mm, with the highest grade of Beatrix and selection number 10/17. The thickness of grains was 2.7-2.8 mm, and the length was 6.4–7.1 mm According to the results of the presented material, breeding numbers 7/17 and 9/17 can be used in the food industry, sample 10/17 for making malt in alcohol production. Other varieties can be used for brewing and fodder in the livestock sector.
Key words grain, variety sample, spring barley, grain unit, thousand-kernel weight, width, thickness, length.
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