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Spring barley crop productivity under the influence of seeding rates and top-dressing

Author(s) Rozhkov A. A., Doctor of Agricultural Science, ,
Chernobay S.V., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2018 issue Issue № 92. Part 1
pages 263-271 index UDK 631.559:633.11:631.5
Abstract Improvement of the technology to grow new varieties of spring barley on the background of the tendency of global climate changes, deterioration of the ecological situation and other unfavorable factors is one of the most important tasks at this stage of agriculture development, which needs to be given special attention, since the level of implementation of genetic potential of this crop’s productivity depends on it. The aim of the researches was to determine the complex effect of the seeding rate, top-dressing of crops in different phases of plants development by polymeric fertilizer Wuxal, as well as the weather conditions on productivity of spring barley of Monomakh variety. The researches were carried out in 2015, 2016. The weather conditions of the vegetation periods differed from the average long-term indicators both according to the temperature regime and the amount of atmospheric precipitation, which in the sum were somewhat higher than the norm, but their distribution over the decades was uneven. On the whole, the weather conditions of the vegetation periods were more typical than extreme to grow spring barley. During the research, the effect of four variants of seeding rate (factor A) was studied: 4.0; 4.5; 5,0 and 5,5 million seeds / ha and four variants of top-dressing of spring barley crops by polymeric fertilizer Wuxal (factor B): 1 - control; 2 – dressing in the phase of stalk-shooting; 3 - dressing during the period of ear formation; 4 – two times top-dressing (during the phases of stalk-shooting and ear formation). On average, during the two years of the researches, the maximum yield of grain is 2.71 t/ha, was formed on the variants of the seeding rate of 5.0 million pieces per hectare and two top-dressings of the crops (during the phases of stalk-shooting and ear formation) by polymeric fertilizer Wuxal in a single dose – 1.0 kg / ha. The analysis of the grain yield indicators confirms a significant influence of the investigated elements of the cultivation technology, the correct choice of which ensures a significant increase in the yield of spring barley of Monomakh variety, in a certain way, leveling the influence of unfavorable weather conditions of cultivation.
Key words seeding rate, top-dressing, spring barley, yield of grain, phases of plants development, polymeric fertilizer
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