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Commercial properties and chemical composition of Maria pear depending on soil fertilizers and foliar feeding

Author(s) Slyusarenko V.S., , , Odessa State Agrarian University
Category The Agronomy
year 2018 issue Issue № 92. Part 1
pages 342-350 index UDK 634.13:581.192:631.8
Abstract The article represents findings in the field test with study of the foliar feeding of Maria pear by means of Reakom plus (Flow, fruit and vegetable garden), Wuxal microplant and Fruit and berry crops Bi-chelate fertilizers based on two statuses of mineral nutrition of essential trace elements - non optimized NPK (fertilizer free) and optimized one by mean of adding the norms, calculated according to the results of agrochemical analysis of soil, of those fertilizers with which content of the respective nutrients is brought to the optimum levels in the root layer. The test schedule formed in 2015 for planting 2010 pear included two statuses of mineral nutrition created by soil fertilizer (A factor) and four alternatives of the foliar feeding. Optimization of soil nutrition of Maria pear-trees and four-time foliar feeding according to fruiting and growth phases by complex micro-fertilizers provided improvement in commercial properties and chemical compositions of the fruits. In addition, use of Wuxal microplant and Fruit and berry brops Bi-chelate fertilizers for foliar feeding that contributed to increasing in average weight of the fruits by 5.4 and 4.9 % respectively as well as increasing in yield of the prime and the first commercial sorts of the fruits by 6.9 and 5.7%, is the most effective. Higher content of dry solids and sugars was provided while optimizing soil nutrition by means of fertilizer and while optimizing the foil feeding by means of Fruit and berry crops Bi-chelate fertilizer – by 22.9 and 17.4% respectively. This alternative had the greatest sugar-acid index – by 6.5% in comparison to the controlled one.
Key words pear, chemical composition, optimization by means of fertilizer, foliar feeding, micro-fertilizers
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