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Intensity of male and female gametophytes formation in sugar beet plants under condition of regulated water supply

Author(s) Doronin V. A.,, doctor of agricultural sciences, , Institute of Bioenergetic Cultures and Sugar Beet NANA
Morgun A.V., , ,
Morgun I.A., , ,
Vyshnevska L.V., Candidate of Agricultural Science, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2018 issue Issue № 92. Part 1
pages 82-91 index UDK 582.661.15: 527.8
Abstract It is impossible to obtain a high yield of sugar beet without proper water supply of plants. This problem can be solved by applying drip irrigation or applying superabsorbent MaxiMarin. The use of drip irrigation alone and in combination with the absorbent provides an increase in the number of flowers on the central and lateral primary shoots. Analysis of the factors influence on the intensity of flower formation indicates that the irrigation factor was the most significant one and made 81,9–91,6 %, and the superabsorbent – 8,4–15,4 %. The use of superabsorbent and irrigation provides a significant increase in the size of pollen. The size of pollen grains on control without irrigation and absorbent was 18.8 μm. The application of 1,5 grams of the preparation under the root during planting increased the size of pollen to 20,3 μm, irrigation increases the size to 21,2 μm, the combination of irrigation and absorbent increases the size of pollen grains up to 22,4 μm. The germination ability of pollen grains by using the superabsorbent in various doses was 69,6–70,6 %, by irrigation – 75,5 %, by combined use of irrigation and superabsorbent – 77,3 %. The increased size and increased germination ability of pollen grains positively affects the fertilization and plumpness of the embryo. By drip irrigation, the presence of a completely full embryo sac was 88 %, by application of superabsorbent – 83,9 %, at control – 81,4 %. For reception of the necessary items of information about combinational ability of a selection material there is one reliable way - crossing with the subsequent test of hybrid generation. Thus the excellent(different) parameter of combinational ability of hybrids is served by(with) productivity rootafruit and contents in them of sugar. It also is the most important display of effect heterozisa. Efficiency of the received simple hybrids studied in preliminary test under the circuit twofactors of experience, in three-multiple recurrence. In the period Growth development of plants a number(line) of supervision and selections under the form rootafruit and stability(resistance) them to illnesses is carried out(spent). On the basis of 26 new simple hybrids it is recommended to lead(carry out) trial crossings with combination capable polygrain pollinaters with the purpose of creation of experimental hybrids.
Key words drip irrigation, superabsorbent MaxiMarin, sugar beet seeds, size of pollen grains, germination ability of pollen grains, embryo sack plumpness.
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