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Modern state and directions of activation of investment activity in the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine

Author(s) Huzar B.S., Candidate of Economics Sciences, ,
Category Economics
year 2017 issue Issue number 90. Part 2
pages 61-72 index UDK 330. 322. : 338. 43 (477)
Abstract An agrarian sector belongs to the leading industries of economy, its efficiency of functioning determines economic and food security of a country. The process of increase of productive potential requires realization of an effective investment policy. However in future a problem of investing of development of production, technical retooling and reconstruction of agrarian enterprises remans sharp. The exacerbation of investment crisis influences negatively the development of production in a country. It requires an effective government control to a directed stimulation of investment activity. The development of investment policy of a state in an agrarian sector is one of a major indicators of welfare of national economy, that determines the change of the combined demand and in a prospect, a- volume of a manufactured produce. In conditions of market economy an effective development of agriculture is impossible without an activation of investment process, a substantial increase of volume of investments, electing the most effective sources of funding. Investment policy is a difficult process, that depends on the complex of different factors which influence the investment activity in agriculture, that characterizes its state and prospects of development. A research aim is an analysis of a modern state of investment activity in all spheres of economy including an agrarian sector and determination of directions of its activation. In the article with a help of economic and statistical methods of research the modern state of investment activity in the economy of a country and in the agrarian sector is analysed. The volumes of direct foreign investments attracted in the economy of a country and in the agrarian sector are reflected and the dynamics and the structure of capital investments and the sources of their financing are analysed, principal reasons of decline of investment activity in an agrarian sector are set, the directions of activation of investment activity in an agrarian production and the terms of increase of efficiency of a use of all sources of fundig on realization of investment projects are determined. For thist purpose an improvement of normative and legal base of investment activity and providing on this basis a reliable protection of rights of investors, creation an equal terms for home and foreign investors; support of ecologically safe investment projects that use modern resource and energykeeping technologies; stimulation of involving of private investments and their combination within the limits of concrete investment projects with a budgetary facilities with the aim of increase of investment resources and increase of level of their efficiency are necessary. The measures offered for the increase of level of investment attractiveness of an agro- industrial complex will not be able to do the industry instantly attractive for investors, but will help to stabilize present position of agricultural enterprises, to improve their financial and productive indexes and to lay the reliable foundation for effective activity in the field of investing in general and to the agroindustrial complex of Ukraine in particular.
Key words types of economic activity, agrarian sector, investments, investment activity, direct foreign investments, sources of funding, capital investments, personal funds, budgetary facilities.
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