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Market of agroinsurance of Ukraine : the modern state and prospects of development

Author(s) Prokopchuk O.T., Candidate of Economics, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2017 issue Issue number 90. Part 2
pages 127-140 index UDK 368.5
Abstract Agroinsurance is the most important way to reduce the riskiness of agriculture. However, despite the significant need for such protection, in our country, only the first steps in this complex market segment. In this paper, with the help of economic and statistical research methods, such as monographic, comparison, spreadsheet, graphics, and scientific generalization of a study of the general results of Ukraine Agri-Insurance market activities in the 2005-2015 period (with a detailed coverage of the situation in 2015), oosuschestvleno analysis offered insurance products, the structural features of the latter in the context of insurance companies and indicators of crop insurance, as well as signified the totality of the problems identified and the development prospects of agricultural insurance in Ukraine. According to the results of the study found that the agricultural insurance market in Ukraine in 2005-2015 gg. demonstrated a general trend towards a slow reduction, since declined all real indicators of its activity. At the same time, for the period from 2009 to 2016, the market has suffered significant changes have improved the quality characteristics of the market. This, in particular, the adoption of a special law on agricultural insurance, the introduction of licensing of voluntary insurance of agricultural risks, the development of new insurance products, the introduction of training programs for emergency commissioners for underwriting and assessment of the damage in the agricultural insurance. Twelve insurance companies (based on 2015) have shown interest in this segment of the insurance market. It should be noted that the market uses a small set of insurance products: insurance of winter crops is dominated by total loss for the period of hibernation. No full multiriskovoe crop insurance for spring crops and winter crops in the spring and summer. Almost not used crop insurance products for the entire growing cycle. At the same time, this situation creates opportunities for soil and extension lines of insurance products. It was found that the agricultural insurance market requires increased systemic effort by the state for its development, in particular, improving the regulation and provision of support to the sector. Despite the current difficult macroeconomic and financial situation in Ukraine, the agricultural insurance market is proving its vitality and potential for further development.
Key words agricultural insurance, agricultural insurance market, agricultural risks, insurance products, government support, the insured amount, the insurance premium.
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