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The implementation of reasonable development strategies as a guarantee of the successful functioning of farms

Author(s) Harbar V.V., , , NSC "Institute of agrarian economy"
Category Economics
year 2017 issue Issue number 90. Part 2
pages 83-92 index UDK 631.1.016 : 303.43
Abstract An important factor in the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine is successfully functioning agricultural production, where an important place occupied by farms whose managers should use evidence-based strategies for the success of their farms for a long period. Aim of the article is to systematize and synthesis of theoretical and methodological aspects of strategic sustainable development of farms. The study applied the deductive and inductive methods - the study of the theoretical aspects of strategic sustainable development of farms; economic and statistical methods - to compare the actual data reporting and prior years; observation, synthesis in the development of the final findings on the basis of the results of the study. In the article the specific strategies and indicators of progress achieved, depending on their level of sustainability. Special attention is given to the strategic goals and directions of development of farms through science-based strategies. Farmer’s equipment of such strategies is essential that they be able to ensure the successful operation of their farms for a long period. When choosing strategies for the development of farms is advisable to give priority to those that provide the expanded reproduction of capital, and consistently choose to implement those options, providing the first high, then medium and mild, and finally low rate of reproduction of capital. Farms that provide the expanded reproduction of capital, it is appropriate to implement the growth strategy, with average rates - revitalization strategy, and with a moderate pace - strategy of acquiring permanent state of sustainability. In the presence of simple reproduction of capital should shape the strategy of raising the level of sustainability.
Key words farm enterprise, sustainable development, cyclical nature, wave-like nature, reproduction, competitiveness.
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