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Electricity consumption in agriculture against other sectors of Poland’s national economy

Author(s) Bieńkowska-Gołasa W., , , Warsaw University of Life Sciences Faculty of Economic Sciences
Category Economics
year 2017 issue Issue number 90. Part 2
pages 195-201 index UDK 631.24.243
Abstract The global demand for energy depends on numerous factors, out of which the following ones are the most important: economic growth rate of particular countries, population increase, evolution of social structures, technical advancement as regards the use of devices and development of new technological solutions. Energy industry is the main economic sector of each country because electricity is increasingly used by all the other branches of a national economy. The present technological advancement is characterized by electrification of driving devices, automation processes, common use of electronics, rise in lighting needs, etc. The increased consumption of electricity is also caused by wider electrification of agriculture and greater use of electric devices in households, substitution of gas, electric heating and replacing liquid fuels by electricity in transport. The article is to present the structure of electricity consumption in agriculture against other sectors of Poland’s national economy in 2011-2014. The analyses conducted revealed that industry was the greatest consumer of electricity in Poland in 2014 (49,992 GWh). It was followed by households (28,280 GWh), energy sector (26,057 GWh), transport (4,307 GWh), agriculture (1,507 GWh).
Key words electricity consumption, agriculture, national economy sectors, Poland.
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