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Economic perspective to the assessment of the competitive strategy in sales activities of agricultural enterprises

Author(s) Bohachyk P.P., postgraduate, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2017 issue Issue number 90. Part 2
pages 155-167 index UDK 332.154:631.11:339.16
Abstract The formation of a new economic order influences the increasing competition resulting from increased volumes of production and sales of agricultural products, which are caused by the use of modern biotechnology and changes in consumer choice. Complimented by this, developments of modern competitive strategy become the priority task for the company. That is why the author raises the issue of the choice of the economic approach to the assessment of the competitive strategy of agricultural enterprises in the sales activities. The article presents the basic indicators for the assessment of competitiveness related to the economies of the world. Besides, the ranking of the most economic developed countries and the position of Ukraine by this indicator in the world were presented as a result of the research. The author proposed to realize the assessment of competitiveness of agricultural enterprises at three levels: regional, national and international. Besides, in this article was conducted the ranking of the most efficient enterprises of the regions of Ukraine, which are engaged in the production and sales of grain, sunflower seeds and livestock products. In order to contrast the competitive advantage of agricultural enterprises of different countries benchmarking analysis of export deliveries of croup products and livestock products was conducted. On the basis of analysis the level of efficiency of sales activities and export deliveries of domestic agricultural enterprises the author proposed to use a multivariate approach, which includes a system of indicators in order to diagnose the competitive strategies that allow to realize more in-depth analysis of the many activities of the company and as a result, to receive more accurate prognostic indicators of the company. This system of indicators allows to conduct the monitoring of activities and to counteract the negative factors, which have a high degree of influence on the company. With the aid of this system of indicators it is possible to characterize the competitive strategy for the company based on the analysis of the three economic systems: international and domestic markets and the enterprise, which allow solving all the problems and meeting challenges for agricultural enterprises.
Key words economic approach, competitive strategy, agricultural enterprises, sales activities.
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