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Topical problem of small innovative business development in Ukraine

Author(s) Melnyk V.V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Bobko V. V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Polischuk O.N., Candidate of Economics Sciences, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2017 issue Issue number 90. Part 2
pages 167-174 index UDK 321.01
Abstract The important component of the state innovative policy is attraction of representatives of the small business in this process. The state has to encourage the development of the small innovative enterprises. The purpose of the article – to isolate and explore areas of state regulation of business and define its basic contradictions in globalization conditions. To achieve this objective methods were used: logic synthesis – to identify the major areas of state regulation on the basis of research achievements of world and national economic thought; dialectical – to explore the contradictions of state regulation of business in modern conditions of globalization and abstract logic – in formulating conclusions. The innovative strategy has to become an incentive for cooperation of the state and business. The development of small innovative business has to have anallas support of the economic policy. Today the innovation activity of small enterprises is on the stage of decay in the Ukraine. The priority direction of the state policy has to be the development of the small innovative business. Mechanisms of the development of the innovative market have to be established on the legislative level. The small innovative enterprises have to assist to put into practice appropriate policyю. Defining these areas of state regulation of business makes it possible to direct government actions towards optimizing the effects of positive and negative features of globalization on the development of the national business sector.
Key words innovative, business, state, globalization, development, economic, enterprises, priority, market.
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