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Genetic control of economically valuable characteristics of initial material of winter soft wheat

Author(s) Ryabovol Y.S., , postgraduate, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Ryabovol L.O., Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Professor of Department of Genetics, Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category The Agronomy
year 2017 issue Issue number 90. Part 1
pages 105-112 index UDK 631.527 : 581.143.5 : 633.11
Abstract The strategic goal of the breeding of winter soft wheat is the creation of ecologically plastic varieties which have a high level of genetic protection against biotic and abiotic environmental factors and is able to maximize the yield potential combined with high quality grain. One of the ways of resolving complex selection problems is a combination of the genetic potential of highly productive breeding materials from geographically remote regions. The selecting of the parental forms for breeding process is advantageously carried out for the use of marker analysis as a means of identifying the genetic potential of the samples. In the results of studies it was created and analyzed a collection of genetic material of winter soft wheat. Donors of resistance genes to pseudocercospora, soil mosaic virus, arevisiting needs photoperiodic sensitivity and wheat-rye translocations were selected. It is proved that more successful genes of these signs are concentrated in the genotypes of the varieties Zolotokolosa, Princess Olga of Astet. Through hybridization of forms of remote ecological-geographical zones it was get the samples, which will serve as source materials for the creation of new highly productive varieties of crops.
Key words genetic control of the characteristics, the original material, the donor of genes, the genetic collection, soft winter wheat.
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