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Efficiency soil herbicides in millet cultivation technology

Author(s) Bruhal F.I., , ,
Lyubchich A.G., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, ,
Grishchenko R.E., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, ,
Glieva O.V., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, ,
Mazurenko T.V., , ,
Category The Agronomy
year 2017 issue Issue number 90. Part 1
pages 40-47 index UDK 633:631.95:633.173
Abstract The paper highlights the results of field research on the study of the efficacy of herbicides Prymekstra Gold SC, s.с., Lyumaks 537, 5 SC, SE, Merlin 750 WG, v.g, Atsenit A 880, c.e., Proponit 720, c.e., in the period to the ladder on crops of millet. Research was conducted in temporary experiment in the fields of adaptive intensive technologies of legumes, groat cereals and oilseeds department NSC "Institute of Agriculture of NAAS" during the years 2013-2014. The humus content in the arable layer of 1,1 – 1,3%, pH sol – 5,4-5,6. For three years in millet crops dominated by grassy weeds, occupying 62-69% of weeds. As a result of studies found that the use of herbicides Prymekstra Gold at doses of 3,0; 4,0 l/ha Lyumaks (2,0; 3,0 l/ha), Atsenit (2,0 l/ha), Merlin (0,1 kg/ha), Proponit (2,0 l/ha) the stairs cultural is highly event controlling annual weeds in crops of millet. The use of these drugs helped reduce the total number of weeds during the growing season culture in 77,0-91,5 %. All herbicides showed high phytotoxic effect on the annual grassy weeds, whose numbers while building culture does not exceed 1-3 pcs./m2, 31 pcs./m2 under control. The greatest efficiency in weed control options provided with the introduction of herbicide Prymekstra Gold (3,0-4,0 l/ha) and Lyumaks (2,0-3,0) l/ha). Herbicides applied in the experiment positively affect the structural performance of millet plants (plant height, length of panicle, the number of branches in panicles, panicle grain weight and 1000 grain weight), which indicates the absence of their impact on culture. Found that the most opportunistic net profit compared with controls provide options with the introduction of herbicide Prymekstra Gold (5,5 and 6,2 ths. uan./ha) and Lyumaks (5,1 and 6,1 ths. uan./ha).
Key words herbicide, dicotyledonous weeds, weediness, efficiency, monocots, millet, productivity.
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