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The current state and prospects of development of a recreational complex of Ukraine

Author(s) Lozova O.A., , ,
Mamotenko D.Y., Candidate of Economics Sciences, , Zaporizhzhya National Technical University
Category Economics
year 2016 issue 89. Pat 2
pages 203-210 index UDK 338.484
Abstract The tourism industry is important for the development of economy and social sphere in Ukraine and has a key role in creating new jobs, replenishment of currency reserves of the state and strengthening its prestige and importance in the world. The entire territory of Ukraine is characterized by extremely favorable conditions for different types of tourism activities and the availability of a variety of recreational resources for treatment and rest of the population. However, the current state of the recreational complex is unstable: the material and technical facilities of recreational enterprises, range and quality of services does not comply with international standards and recreational resources are used inefficiently. The aim of the study is to determine the current state and tendencies of the recreational complex of Ukraine. Theoretical and methodological basis of the study is scientific works of domestic and foreign scientists. In the article such methods are used: synthesis, systematic approach and analysis. Due to its geographical location, Ukraine has great recreational resources which include geographic features. They are used or could be used for recreation, tourism, treatment, recovery of the population. Recreational resources are an important part of the natural potential which affect the territorial organization of recreational activities, the formation of the recreational areas and centers and their economic efficiency to some extent. It is a prerequisite for the development of recreation and demand management, conservation and enhancement (recovery). There are three types of recreational resources: natural (climate, land and water resources, terrain, caves, flora and fauna, parks and nature reserves, scenic landscapes, unique natural objects and others); cultural and historical (cultural, historical, archaeological, architectural monuments, ethnographic peculiarities of the territory, folklore, arts and crafts centers, etc.); socio-economic (economic and geographical position, transport accessibility of the area, level of the economic development, modern and promising territorial organization of the economy, level of services of the population, population structure, human resources, resettlement characteristics, level of development of the transport network, etc.). Ukraine has unique climatic and therapeutic resources which creates the possibility of the development of the recreational complex. Thus, Ukraine has a powerful recreational complex which is able to meet the needs of the population in the sanatorium treatment, recreation and tourism and at the same time make a significant contribution to the national income based on the effective use of recreational resources. Prospects for the development of the recreational complex of Ukraine require the creation of favorable conditions for attracting additional investments; modernization of material and technical base of the existing facilities and recreational complex with bringing it to the level of the world standards; intensive development of tourism and recreation industry and rehabilitation as a whole; improving the infrastructure of existing recreation institutions; increase the proportion of the recreational sector in the growth of national income.
Key words tourism industry, recreational resources, recreational areas, efficiency, development of the recreational complex.
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