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Problems of functioning of the market of consulting services in Ukraine

Author(s) Huzar B.S., Candidate of Economics Sciences, ,
Shupylo O.V., postgraduate, , Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine
Category Economics
year 2016 issue 89. Pat 2
pages 92-100 index UDK 338.467(477)
Abstract At the present stage of development of Ukraine a complexity of economic processes has necessitated the transfer of knowledge, experience and managerial methods of work in the commodity form into the independent sphere of economic relations. This in turn contributed to the formation of national and international markets for consulting services. Based on a generalization of the concept of “consulting”, it should be noted that it is a sphere of knowledge of economics and business in general, as well as the type of intellectual professional activity, in particular, in which a qualified person provides objective and independent consulting services. The study aims to: - definition of a nature and characteristics of consulting services in developed countries, in order to determine the specific segments and participants of the market of consulting services which is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Its growth is 15-20% per year that is 2-3 times higher than the rate of development of markets of high-tech products and consumer services. - defining problems, peculiarities and conditions of formation of the market of consulting services at the present stage of development of the market economy; - systematization of factors influencing market conditions of consulting services. When working the expediency is substantiated and the assessment of the state and prospects of the market of consulting services are carried out with the help of economic and statistical research methods, such as monographic, comparison, tabular and graphic ones. It was found that the characteristics of the Ukrainian market of consulting services are consultant’s uncertainty in his capabilities and customer’s uncertainty about the possibilities of a consultant. As a result, a domestic consultant is not capable to deep enough to join the client’s environment, as it occurs in developed countries. On the part of the business there is a factor of distrust, fear to give the management process into the hands of external specialists, as well as the lack of clear understanding of real positive effects, opportunities to evaluate results of their activities on the part of consulting. As a consequence, the training component, expert and expert training consulting predominate in the activity of domestic consultants. At the same time, in the western countries there is mainly process and expert-process consulting implying active client involvement in the decision-making process and development of recommendations. However, analyzing the situation and taking into account all segments of consulting services in Ukraine it should be noted that domestic consultants are mostly trainers and advisers, while consultants in developed countries take part in the company’s activity. Mental peculiarities of the domestic business are closer and clear to domestic consultants, while developed scientific and methodological basis of the western consulting firms in our conditions is sometimes ineffective. Therefore, the mechanism of development of the market of consulting services, based on the implementation of the innovative potential, can provide not only an increase in demand for consulting services, but also diversify its structure providing an effective impact on the development of economic sectors and increasing living standards.
Key words consulting services, consultant associations, growth rate, factors of development, market segments, consumer structure
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