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The evaluation of activities of sugar factories in Cherkasy region

Author(s) Parubok N.V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2016 issue 89. Pat 2
pages 254-261 index UDK 664.1:65.015.3(477.46)
Abstract In the structure of the population nutrition in Ukraine sugar is a highly nourishing food product. It is a technological preservative for the industry of tinned vegetables and fruit, as well as a special additional product for fruit and wine and alcoholic beverage industries. Sugar is a strategic product in international economic relations and one of the most important sources of budget revenues. In addition, the sugar industry is not only the final link in the production of the final product (sugar), but also an organizer and integrator of efficient functioning of beet sugar sub-complex. Based on this assessment, the activities of industrial plants for processing sugar beet is important. The aim is to evaluate the activity of industrial enterprises on sugar beet processing in the region and find out ways to improve their functioning. Research methodology is based on the use of such methods as theoretical search, scientific abstraction, comparison, monographic, table, abstract and logic methods. The sugar beet production as continuous mechanized production with a high level of automation of key processes is substantiated. It is found that sugar factories are highly specialized industrial processing enterprises. Their effectiveness depends on the proper organization of the production process, quantity and quality of raw materials for processing and amount of produced sugar. The dynamics of production facilities in the sugar industry of Cherkasy region and the amount of sugar beet under current economic conditions are considered. The analysis of dynamics of performance indicators of sugar factories in the processing of sugar beets is done. It is found that the costs of sugar beet processing are directly proportional to the capacity of sugar factories and costs of natural gas. The ways to improve the efficiency of industrial enterprises in sugar beet production are determined. The productivity increasing of sugar factories caused by their material and technical re-equipment and continuous supply of sugar beet of high quality is proved. It is achieved under the agro-industrial integration within the sugar beet sub-complex. The functioning of sugar factories under current market conditions is characterized by outdated material base, low power, high resource and energy intensity of production. So, nowadays there is a need for technical re-equipment of sugar factories and their upgrading. Also, it is necessary to diversify sugar beet production. An important factor in the success of enterprises of industrial processing of sugar beets is the creation and development of vertically integrated structures of the total cycle of sugar production.
Key words sugar beet, sugar content, sugar factory, production capacity, sugar beet production, sugar, economic efficiency.
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