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Human capital asset formation as the guarantee of labor intellectualization

Author(s) Melnyk V.V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2016 issue 89. Pat 2
pages 234-242 index UDK 321.01
Abstract The realities of socio-economic development of Ukraine require a new understanding of economic processes and undertaking the necessary appropriate measures. One of the urgent problems is the process of establishing the intellectual property as relationships that define recreating basis of Ukraine’s scientific and technical potential. Functioning of intellectual capital in the economy has a particular nature, based on the changing needs of the society, technological structures and institutions of social economic relations. The content of the world innovation policy of countries is closely connected with the functioning of intellectual capital and property. The international management practice also shows that the creation of appropriate social and economic conditions for the implementation of intellectual capital at the company level and in general at the national level determines their prospects for maintaining international competitiveness. Numerous theoretical and empirical studies confirm that successful countries with post-industrial economy ensure a high standard of living due to the high level of human capital used during work. Thus, the result of active innovation policies in developing countries is to strengthen national scientific and technical complex, improving educational standards and attracting scientific staff in high-tech manufacturing which will contribute to overcoming the technological gap with the developed countries.
Key words state, intellect, capital, specialization, resources, development, innovations, investment, knowledge, science.
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