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Evaluation of competitiveness of AIC systems of national and regional levels: methodological aspects

Author(s) Nechyporenko V.V., Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, , Sumy National Agrarian University
Category Economics
year 2016 issue 88
pages 182-189 index UDK 634.8:339
Abstract The article notes that studying competitiveness requires forming scientific and methodological aspects and development of a number of different methods by which you can carry out a comprehensive analysis taking into account the competitive advantages and disadvantages. During the research it is determined what combines the concept “competitiveness of the industry” and “the country’s competitiveness”. This key element is the competitiveness of a product. It is found that there is a dependence of competitiveness of AIC systems of national and regional levels on regional branch policy and regional branch strategy. They form part of the regional management process. At the same time, an instrument of developing agribusiness development strategy in the region is a portfolio analysis. Particular attention in the process of research is given to the issue of regional branch competitiveness which defines its objectives, developing methods, factors, essential elements and indicators to assess the competitiveness of the region’s branch. So, the main methods of developing branch strategies are: strategic analysis, budgeting, controlling, factor analysis, methods of direct- and standard costing, etc. Factors of developing branch competitiveness in the region are: price competitiveness of branch goods, prospects of the regional branch market, technological level of branch economy, quality of industrial products, competition in the regional branch markets and branch resources. Elements of developing regional branch competitiveness strategies can be considered: key competencies, priority directions of developing industry, costs for producing industrial goods, system of regional sector planning and “regional sector strategic platforms”. Choice of development strategy of regional branch competitiveness is caused by possibilities of regional branch diversification and specialization in competitive advantages, target regional branch markets. To measure the level of regional branch competitiveness such indicators can be considered: international competitiveness is necessary to assess the effectiveness of branch trade in the region, including by commodity groups; localization of branch production – decision-making factor “on the establishment of new industrial enterprises” and competitiveness of territorial and branch systems; economic indicators; integral index of industry competitiveness. Thus, the set of indicators of competitiveness can be included in the assessment of the regional branch competitiveness and target priorities in branch regional strategy taking into account peculiarities of regional development. At the same time, the index of revealed comparative advantages and indicator of localization of production are of secondary importance in the assessment of strategy efficiency.
Key words research methodology of competitiveness, the competitiveness of the branch (country), portfolio analysis, regional branch competitiveness.
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