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State regulation of long-term innovation policy in Ukraine

Author(s) Melnyk V.V., , , Uman National University of Horticulture
Category Economics
year 2016 issue 88
pages 175-182 index UDK 321.01.
Abstract Overcoming economic crisis in Ukraine provides for selection of the most effective ways to further long-term development. According to the developed countries’ experience this way involves the usage of innovations. The purpose of this article is a theoretical and methodological aspects’ review of innovation policy formation and substantiating value of the state’s importance in the regulation of the innovational development. In the article general economic and statistical research methods, including monographic, graphical, tabular, analysis and synthesis methods are used. In modern conditions in the whole world the rapid changes of technologic methods of production take place in all determinant links; qualitatively economic structure, nature of economic growth, values and motivations and the criterion of social progress change. In the short and long term consideration of innovation factor will be a decisive condition for the further development of modern economic systems. Stable socio-economic growth can only be achieved on the basis of innovation, with the active use of modern scientific and innovative developments. In the context of globalization and permanent increased competition the basis for achieving long-term economic growth and proper place in the international community will be substantiated public policy. International experience shows that there are two primary levers of influence on innovative activity – market with its inherent orientation towards maximizing profits and governmental regulation with its strategy of selection and long-term support of innovative programs. The main objectives of the state policy of developing innovative activity in Ukraine are to ensure stable development of the state. Today, innovation infrastructure is still very weak and that is why requires the full support of the government. It should also be noted that investments and innovations – this is only half the work and the other half is related to the preparation of highly qualified personnel, especially managerial staff. Thus, determining priority for our country should be regulated innovative model of economic growth with a view to promoting Ukraine as a high-tech state. Only in this case the plan of high quality, resource saving growth, efficiency, production of competitive products, both in national and global markets can be implemented.
Key words state, innovations, development, policy, Ukraine, experience, technologies, economics, competiveness, strategy.
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